How We Process Data
Purpose of data processing

DML Connect is a trading name of Data Mixx Limited. DML Connect is a full-service media agency specialising in the careful management and centralisation of consumer database access in order to support efficient planning and fulfillment of one to one direct marketing campaigns. DML Connect works with a number of partners whom themselves collect the data we hold via online competitions, comparison websites, lifestyle clubs, and offer websites. All data is owned by the contributing source partner through which the data was originally collected and any partner can choose to withdraw access to it at any time. Marketing agencies, services providers, and advertisers use us when they wish to rent data on defined and controlled usage terms for specific marketing and other purposes without having to go to multiple different sources. All partners are declared to advertising partners to enable source audits.

The core areas we support are:

  • The sending of relevant marketing communications

  • Verification and enhancement of customer and marketing databases

  • Enhance targeting relevance through market research, analysis, segmentation, and profiling

  • Enforcement, verification, credit and risk management, revenue collection, database tracing activities


We ensure the following:
  • Data is processed fairly and lawfully

  • Data is processing is compatible with the purpose it was collected for

  • Data is accurate, relevant, and up to date.

  • Data is held only as long as is necessary

  • Data is kept securely


Use of email 

If you give permission to be contacted by advertisers via email, DML Connect may help identify relevant advertisers and support the email communication to you. DML Connect does not sell this information outright to any advertiser.  Emails you might receive will be sent on behalf of the source to whom you have given your consent to be contacted by and will be identified as having originated from the said source you have consented.  This approach is described as a 'host emailing' where the 'sender' represents the holder of your consent for such communications. Emails received will be clearly identified as having originated from the original data controller and their details will also be provided – name, address, telephone number.


Use of postal data

If you give permission for advertisers to contact you by post we may make your postal address available for them to do so, governed by strict usage terms and monitoring tools, and provided you have not registered with the MPS

Use of telephone data

If you give permission for advertisers to contact you by phone we may make your number available for them to do so, governed by strict usage terms and monitoring tools, and provided you have not registered with the TPS.

Use of linkage

Data can be used for linkage purposes - linking offline data with online IDs for targeting and identity resolution purposes. Third-party clients, such as third parties operating in the marketing technology sector, can associate the information they have collected about you with certain identifiers linking personal data with cookies and mobile IDs helping marketers to deliver a more personalised and appropriate service. The types of data that can be used for linkage purposes will include name, postal address, phone number, and email address.


If you would like to unsubscribe from your data being used from any of the above services and from the DML Connect database please click here or send an email to

Sector Advertisers

Data partners we work with have collected data that may be used by our clients and their brands in the following areas:

  • Automotive – car dealerships and manufacturers

  • Careers and Education – job opportunities, college course details

  • Charity – volunteering, events

  • Entertainment and Leisure – sporting events, local activities

  • FMCG – supermarkets, pharmacies

  • Finance – bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, investments, pensions and savings

  • Insurance – car warranties, home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, private medical insurance, travel insurance, vehicle insurance

  • Legal Services – PPI claims, will writing

  • Lifestyle – health and beauty, fitness

  • Marketing and Surveys – market research, consumer surveys

  • Public Sector – local information and services

  • Publishing and Media – TV services, magazine subscriptions

  • Property – home improvements, estate agencies

  • Retail – clothing and fashion, food and drink, home furnishings, online retail

  • Telecoms – broadband and internet services, mobile phone contracts

  • Travel – airlines, holidays, hotels, travel bookings

  • Utilities – electricity and gas providers, solar power, water suppliers, energy-saving solutions


Services Providers


Under strict licensing terms, we may share some or all of your data on behalf of our data partners with the Service Providers listed below. They will use it to create products and services to help organisations better understand the likely characteristics of their customers; communicate with them more effectively, and find others like them across a range of marketing channels.

They may use your data in the following ways:


  • To create targeted advertising products and services for their clients

  • To help prevent fraud

  • To help organisations better understand the likely characteristics of their customers

  • To communicate with customers more accurately and effectively

  • To find customers like them across a range of marketing channels.

  • To ensure secure data storage and campaign transmission

  • To ensure data accuracy and viability


This may mean that you receive advertising from some of the organisations listed below that is more relevant to you via direct mail or when you visit a website, mobile app or watch TV. The Services Providers will not, however, advertise their own products or services to you


The Services Providers we work with are limited to only those organisations whom we have completed checks on and who will process personal data in compliance with all laws, regulations and guidance with regard to data protection.

Sensitive Data

We only hold personal data about you that you have provided to our data partners.  This includes names, postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, lifestyle, and demographic data.

DML Connect does not hold or process any sensitive data about you such as:


  • Financial data

  • Credit scores

  • Health information

  • Political preferences

  • Religious preferences

  • Sexual preferences

  • Data relating to children


Data Retention

DML Connect only retains information for as long as it is required for the purpose(s) for which we legitimately use it, or for longer periods if required for legal and regulatory reasons. The period for which we use personal data can vary depending on the contract terms with our data partners.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more information on how we process data provided to us by our data partners.