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Welcome to DML Connect

Established in 2011 and with over 25 years of direct, digital and technical experience, we help your business to connect to the right customers at the right time.

People who just moved to a new house, or are about to move; people planning to buy a new car making wellbeing or lifestyle choices, planning their annual holiday, or are in need of new home or motor insurance. Your amazing products or services can help them make those important decisions or choices – and we help to connect to them.

DML Connect are proud to partner with GB Group to manage their Home Mover Intelligence Datafile.

We are fully compliant with and abide by the DMA code of conduct partnering with DQM for extra assurance.

Welcome to DML Connect

The global data solution


The Global Data Solution

The new currency in today’s world is attention. Therefore, your message needs to be relevant and reach the right people at the right time.


Whether you want to connect to people who just moved to a new house or are about to move; people applying for credit or simply to verify a customer DML Connect  will help you connect to them.

We are fully compliant with and abide by the DMA code of conduct partnering with DQM for extra assurance.



Today’s consumers are channel hoppers: DML Connect help you to reach your audience on multiple channels.

We help you to send the right message to prospects who want to hear from you at a time they need to hear from you.



Good hygiene in your information assets increases the effectiveness of your campaigns while helping your business to stay on the right side of the law.

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From customer data solutions to Identity data verification we can help you meet your business needs by providing a fast and easy to use service. 

For publishers we can help you to maximise revenue from your data via the DML Databank. Providing you with a silent revenue stream that does not conflict with your business. 


Deliver your message 

The more customers you reach, the better the outcome for your business.


Maximise Data Value

Bad data reduces the quality and value. Weed it out and maximise the effectiveness of your list.


Focus on Real People

Fake leads and incorrect email addresses waste time, which is better spent converting real leads and increasing revenue.


Protect your Reputation

Lower the risk of complaints about inaccurate data and subsequent loss of reputation, customers & revenue due to bad data.

The Case for Accurate Data

Bad data significantly decreases the effectiveness of your campaign or the ability to match and identify new prospects. 

Trusted by companies and entrepreneurs
throughout the country


The Protection of Privacy

At DML Connect we take the protection of privacy seriously. We continually align our infrastructure and processes with the latest data protection best practices, going beyond our legal obligations.

To raise the bar further, we have appointed DQM, a well-respected data protection auditor, to frequently assess our processes and data partners to ensure the maximum possible protection of personal data in our care.

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

Can Do Attitude

“I have worked with Sarah and the DML Connect Team for several years now, and have always been impressed by their ‘Can Do’ attitude. I really do look forward to this relationship continuing for many years to come.״ 

Matt Foy

The Original Data Company Ltd

Honesty & Willingness

“They are a great team of professionals and are always eager to strive that extra mile. Sarah's honesty, willingness and hard work means that it is a real pleasure to do business, and we hope that long may this continue״ 

Gemma Rawson

WRM Media Ltd

“We love working with you! You have helped us win business and our renewal rate is pretty good too. The data is really strong and has helped us build campaigns for our clients that deliver results. 

Team More Media

More Media Sales

Creative & Resourceful

“We have worked with DML for a number of years and the relationship has only strengthened. The team assists with our media requirements and are extremely pro-active; a great company" 

Team TwentyCi


A Great Company

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