October 2018

1. Version control


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2. Who we are


Datamixx Ltd (DML)

The Old Barn

Lower Eashing







3. Purpose of data processing


Where we receive enquiries by phone or through the completion of online forms on the website, we securely store this information in order that we can send occasional newsletter updates and other relevant communications about the business and the services we offer that may be of interest.


We also receive and process data on behalf of carefully audited and monitored data contributor partners, details of which can be found here.




4. Our legitimate interests


4.1 Targeting

We use the personal data you supply us to better target the newsletter content we despatch and the content on the website. 


4.2 Direct marketing

We also may market our services to you by post and by phone. 


4.3 Objecting

If you do not wish us to use the information you provide to us in this way, please raise your objection by contacting us directly at




5. Objecting


If you do not wish us to use the information you provide to us in this way, please raise your concern by contacting us directly at



6. Categories of personal data we hold


DML aims to minimise the data we hold on any individual, but where information is held the following categories may be used to define the range of personal data we hold.



5.1 Personal identifiers

First name, last name


5.2 Contact details

Email address, telephone number


5.3 Professional

Business name, job title


5.4 Behavioural

Website browsing behaviour, email engagement


5.5 Online identifiers

Cookies (please see our cookie policy)




7.  Recipients of personal data



Category of processor

Database Management

What do they do with it

Store all data collected via the website in a CRM system

Contact Details



+44 (0)207 947 4337


Consumer Cloud Ltd Warnford Court 29 Trogmorton Street

London EC2N 2AT

8. Security


Information about you will be kept safe and secure and it will not be supplied to anyone else, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it. We use a range of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure.



9. Data transfers to third countries


DML does not transfer any personal data outside of the EEA.  Nonetheless, should such a requirement be necessary at any future stage, for example because we work with a partner supporting the management of our customer and prospect database, we will ensure we will bind them to standard contractual clauses (SCC) guaranteeing a comparable level of data protection standards as demanded in the EU or, in the event of working with US businesses, engage with those suppliers that are Privacy Shield certified.



10. Retention period


DML will retain all data submitted for a period of 10 years.  If during that time DML is unable to make further contact or identifies data as incorrect with contact details no longer accurate or applicable to the individual originally supplying them, those records will be permanently and securely deleted.




11. Data subject rights


11.1 The right to be informed

You have the right to be clearly informed about the processing we undertake with any data you supply us.  Our privacy and cookie policies aim to provide you this information in as transparent a manner as possible.  However, if you have any queries or would like any further information, please email us directly.


11.2 The right of access

You have the right to ask us to supply you all details of the personal information we hold about you.  Please note that in some circumstances we might need to confirm your identity.  Please email us directly, and we will get back to you within 30 days.


11.3 The right to erasure

You have the right to request that we permanently remove any details about you from our systems.  Upon your request we will take all reasonable steps to do so, if applicable we will ensure any other controller acting on our behalf does likewise.  Please note however that requests for erasure might not be fulfilled where DCD is engaged in a legal claim to which the record relates or has a legal obligation to retain the record.  Please email us directly to request erasure.


11.4 The right to rectification

In the event that the details we hold about you are not quite right, we will be happy to amend the details we hold.  Please contact us directly to correct the details we hold about you.


11.5 The right to object

You may wish to object to the processing we carry out with your data as outlined in this policy.  We are happy to address any objection in the appropriate manner where you contact us directly.


11.6 The right to restrict processing

You may wish to request that we limit the manner in which we process your data.  If you wish to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data please advise us accordingly by contact us directly.




12. The right to withdraw consent


We use consent in order to obtain permission to send you our occasional email newsletter communications and service updates.  You have the right to withdraw this consent on all emails we send you by clicking the unsubscribe link.




13. Supervisory authority

Should you wish to raise a complaint about our conduct regarding the data we have collected and process please get in touch with the Information Commissioner’s Office.  You can reach them via phone 0303 123 1113 or through their website

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