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Our Services

consumer insight


DML Connect successfully manage a single view consumer database covering all contact channels. We are fully transparent and, under NDA, we will share all of our of data partners who have all been audited and undergone strict due diligence by DQM before onboarding. The consumer file can be used for prospecting, linkage services, enrichment and Identity Verification.

DML Connect currently partners with over 100 agencies and end-users across a wide range of sectors and verticals. To find out more about our Consumer Database please contact us and request further information or a copy of our Consumer Media Deck.

home mover

DML Connect is proud to partner with GBG Plc to manage their Home Mover Intelligence Datafile. The Home Mover Intelligence Database is a factual dataset which consists of pre and post mover data.

The significance of Home Mover Data?

  • The average household spends more in the first 6 months of moving

  • Home movers are more likely to switch brands when they move

  • 65% of new movers switch suppliers

  • An average of £5k per household is spent in the month prior to the move date

To find out more about our Home Mover Database please contact us and request further information, or a copy of our Home Mover Media Deck.

Identity and

DML Connect partner with trusted global data suppliers to offer a fast and efficient data verification process. Records can be processed and verified within seconds via a dedicated API. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is returned via the API, which reduces privacy risks.

DML Connect provide identity solutions including use cases for IDV, KYC, AML and Age Verification working with clients across all industries.

Talk to us about running a data evaluation and see we can help you onboard and verify more customers.


The opportunity to monetise your data to non-conflicting businesses.

DML Connect are a Cyber Essentials Plus accredited company who can help generate incremental revenue from your existing data whilst you get on with your business.


Click image to see how the process works: 

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