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consumer insight

DML Connect successfully manage a single view consumer database covering all contact channels. We are fully transparent and, under NDA, we will share all of our of data partners who have all been audited and undergone strict due diligence by DQM before onboarding. The consumer file can be used for prospect campaigns, linkage services and enrichment.

DML currently partners with over 100 agencies and end-users across a wide range of sectors and verticals. To find out more about our Consumer Database please contact us and request further information or a copy of our Consumer Media Deck.


home mover insight

DML Connect is proud to partner with GB Group to manage their Home Mover Intelligence Datafile. The Home Mover Intelligence Database is a factual dataset which consists of pre and post mover data.

The significance of Home Mover Data?

  • The average household spends more in the first 6 months of moving

  • Home movers are more likely to switch brands when they move

  • 65% of new movers switch suppliers

  • An average of £5k per household is spent in the month prior to the move date

To find out more about our Home Mover Database please contact us and request further information, or a copy of our Home Mover Media Deck.


data hygiene & bureau services

Regular data cleansing ensures your database is up-to-date, helping you to reduce unnecessary campaign costs, control the consumer’s perception of the organisation contacting them and staying compliant with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.


New GDPR regulations state that personal data shall be: ‘accurate and kept up to date; every reasonable step must be taken to ensure that personal data that are inaccurate are erased or rectified without delay'. DML Connect uses a comprehensive range of data cleansing solutions including:

  • De-duplication

  • PAF

  • Deceased suppression 

  • Gone away suppression 

  • Mover identification 

  • Mailing preference service (MPS) 

  • Telephone preference service (TPS) 

  • Email validation 


email service provider

Using a bespoke premium ESP we offer unrivalled email inbox delivery. 


Using 1000’s of whitelisted IP’s your campaign will benefit from our team of email delivery experts who consider the key components from creative to subject line to ensure each and every campaign is optimised.


We can manage all tracking and reporting online so you can see in real-time how your campaign is performing. 


Broadcasting is charged at a highly competitive cost per thousand rate which is dependent on volume and you will be assigned a dedicated campaign manager who will work with you to set up your campaign from the initial briefing to delivering the campaign and the results.


To find out more about our ESP please contact us and request further information.

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